My Story 

Human Rights

My Human Rights work began over over forty (40) years ago.  My experiences working in Human Rights have been informed by my personal life experiences, my volunteer work, and the professional services that I have offered to communities, families, and people facing danger or immediate peril here in the United States and in other parts of the world.

I have three driving principles or  values that form the bedrock of my human rights work:

  • Dignity

  • Honor

  • Respect​

Dignity, Honor, and Respect for one's self and others. Think about self-respect, self-dignity, self-honor, then think about the respect we have for others, the dignity of other people, and the honor that every person and people are entitled to.


In sum, I use these three principles and values to guide me in my work with diverse communities and especially with children and youth. It is critical to establish a relationship of trust with people in order to help, advise, and counsel them effectively to achieve the desired results and/or create new coping skills and strategies.

I was involved with human rights during my extended undergraduate career which began in the fall of 1978 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and upon transferring to Columbia University in New York City in January of 1983. I completed my B.A. in Political Science and History, with a concentration in International Relations.

Some examples of my human rights works include:

  • International House Fellowship, Harlem Tutorial Program, New York City. Tutoring and mentoring program with 4th and 5th graders attending P.S. 125.

  • Operation Moses. Secret emergency airlift of Ethiopian Jews from the Sudan to Israel during the Ethiopian famine and civil wars in 1984.

  • Tour Guide. Led two trips to Israel, (1) six-week work-travel program for American Jewish high school graduates, and (2) Israel Pilot Program for American Jewish graduate students to tour Israeli universities and tour the country for two weeks.

  • Human Right for China. Chinese-American organization formed after the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, China to help evacuate students on China's most wanted list, and public relations about the massacre to the US Congress in Washington, D.C., and UNHRC in Geneva, Switzerland. 

  • National Leader, United States Delegation, First Ship for World Youth, Government of Japan. 1989. Delegations from 12 Pacific Rim countries. Cultural exchange program, Japanese ship sailed from Tokyo, Japan to La Guaira (Caracas), Venezuela.

  • American Indian Movement. Adviser, speechwriter, analyst in Phoenix, Arizona. 1991-1994. Land issues, human rights, cultural defense, including AIRFA and Indian Child Welfare Act issues.

  • Substance Abuse Counselor. New Arizona Family, Phoenix, Arizona. Residential treatment program for convicted felons court-ordered into program. Extensive collaboration with Adult Probation and Parole officers and offices. 

  • Community Advocate and Grant Writer, Madison, Wisconsin. Worked on a variety of community issues with the Mayor's Office, Parks Commission, Madison Police, and the Madison Metropolitan School District. $250,000 Grant from the Target/Heart of American Foundation for Emerson Elementary School library redesign and upgrade.

  • Adviser and Consultant working virtually with Kurdish and Yazidi people and NGOs in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and the Kurdish and Yazidi Diasporas in other countries. Public Relations. Developed children's and youth PTSD art and music therapy programs for use in refugee camps. Human trafficking issues with Daesh (ISIS) of Yazidi women and girls, from trauma and PTSD to family reunification.

The Work

MTN STEM Solutions, LLC ("MSS") is a new startup company promoting STEM/STEAM education and workforce development at the elementary, middle, and high school levels by working with the public, private and nonprofit sectors in an effort to bring communities together to secure future employment for students and improve our economic competitiveness in the global economy.

MSS works with several companies that offer products and services such as: pre-school and elementary STEM curriculum; STEM career awareness supplemental curriculum for middle schools that includes online lessons, projects and activities designed to introduce students to the careers, tools and technologies found throughout STEM fields; robotic cells for vocational training for high schools and community colleges; and cybersecurity-integrated middle and high school curricula.

We consult with a number of environmental nonprofits to develop and implement youth programs that connect STEM education with STEM careers, addressing issues from clean water, air and land to climate change challenges in the future. We are fortunate to have the NOAA headquarters located nearby in Asheville, NC, that has the largest repository of climate and weather data in the world.

MTN STEM Solutions works with community stakeholders to guide, teach, train and prepare the workforce of tomorrow. Right now we have a golden opportunity to change the paradigm of education from simply obtaining degrees and diplomas to workforce development and creating economic opportunities for all students.