Paige & Paxton

Elementary STEM Education

Paige & Paxton ("P&P") seeks to change the trajectory of an entire generation by making elementary STEM easy to teach and easy to learn.

P&P offers several series of STEM-focused books with contemporary themes and characters that generate excitement about STEM concepts and careers for elementary age schoolchildren.

  • Paige & Paxton texts use engaging storylines and adorable puzzle piece characters to introduce STEM through a childhood lens.

  • The main characters of the series are children’s contemporaries. They’re having the same experiences as children, asking the same questions and finding answers in STEM, which they discover is all around them.

  • Paige & Paxton texts are a simple, effective way to incorporate STEM into the school day.

P&P actively assures teachers’ success by providing them with Professional Development that gives elementary teachers the tools and knowledge to bring high-quality STEM instruction into the classroom.

  • Paige & Paxton is the gold standard in elementary STEM professional development, offering the most comprehensive teacher training series in the country.

  • The series offers a safe and supportive environment for elementary teachers to increase their foundational knowledge of STEM subjects, learn best practices in elementary STEM education and to learn to apply Paige & Paxton methodology to drive STEM awareness, interest, and knowledge in their classrooms.

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