Sales Representative

I have attended and participated in many STEM and Climate Change conferences in the Southeast region of the United States in the past few years. 

I have come into contact with many people and companies that provide excellent STEM and STEAM products and services. 

I am primarily focused on bringing Learning Blade to the State of North Carolina through a state-wide contract proposal for three years at a cost of $1.3 million dollars.


I first met the creators of Learning Blade, Sheila and Dane Boyington, as a workshop participant at a national conference when they presented their software and services. I was so impressed with their presentation and product that I asked if they needed someone to represent them in North Carolina. Sheila is a leading national STEM expert with connections across the STEM universe. I am very fortunate to work with their company, Thinking Media, and their lead product, Learning Blade.

Rachel Williams of Paige & Paxton is a good friend and colleague whom I met at an ACTE conference in Nashville, TN. I support her work with Elementary STEM products and services. Rachel and I agree that we must begin STEM education as early as possible, including pre-school. Professional Development for elementary school teachers is a key service that P&P provides to clients and customers.

Bolaji Oyejide and I met at a Leader In Me Conference in Columbia, SC. We have collaborated on several subjects and topics about youth, empowerment, education, and cross-cultural communication. His books are an uplifting and empowering gift to children worldwide.