Learning Blade

MTN STEM Solutions is the North Carolina Sales Representative for Learning Blade®

Learning Blade® is a complete toolbox of online lessons, projects and activities designed to grab your students’ attention while introducing them to the careers, tools and technologies found throughout STEM fields.


Learning Blade® is a high quality supplemental curriculum that is focused on offering your students real world learning experiences in STEM education. It does this by providing student-ready, interactive missions that show STEM careers in the context of solving people and community-centered problems. This process is proven effective in building a student’s interest in STEM, developing awareness of STEM career opportunities, and reinforcing academic standards and skills.

Learning Blade® includes a comprehensive selection of online interactive lessons, group projects, 3D printing resources, design thinking challenges, parent engagement handouts and other materials, all coordinated to each of the missions. It does not require extensive teacher training or classroom materials and is complementary to your existing academic instruction. The unique organization allows our activities to be utilized both in an entertaining self-paced game environment and as skill practice within academic classrooms.

From the offices of Learning Blade® headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

"Learning Blade® fills a defined and largely unmet need in the STEM space. Project-based, hands-on learning is required for STEM education, but is often limited to the science classroom or after-school programs, and is also often relatively expensive and not available for all students. There is a need for a STEM curriculum that:

  • Addresses STEM interest in the middle school years where student attitudes are formed,

  • Targets the entire school day and not only science subjects,

  • Creates an awareness of a wide range of STEM careers that are not introduced in middle school,

  • Directly shows the relevance of STEM careers academic standards for both students and teachers,

  • Directly integrates with project-based, hands-on learning, and

  • Is readily available to teachers who are not trained in science, to schools with no specialized equipment, and at any place and any time.

Learning Blade® provides an easy method to increase emphasis on STEM contexts in both science and non-science activities in middle and early high schools. This can result in a positive effect on students’ desire to follow STEM careers and STEM-appropriate educational pathways and can also increase STEM career awareness and self-efficacy. It provides essential data to encourage the use of science and workplace contexts in the teaching of academic subjects, and will also demonstrate that these contexts do not distract but can contribute to academic skills success as defined by the state academic standards. This program is designed to encourage and easily allow the incorporation of STEM career contexts into classrooms and schools that may or may not have extensive formal training in STEM skills or education.

The system is designed to appeal to traditionally underrepresented students, especially girls and minorities. This is achieved by using an organizing principle of “Missions” that focuses on societal problems and needs instead of building the program around a particular career, technology or scientific principle. This is particularly relevant to student groups such as girls that have a higher intrinsic motivation towards helping people versus scientific inquiry. The missions involve a wide variety of STEM domains and careers, allowing exposure to more contexts than are traditionally available in these grades.

Learning Blade is a unique offering that fills these needs in a whole-school STEM strategy."