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Work Influence 

Documentation Specialist

Legal Proofreader.

New York City, New York. 1983-1989.

Wall Street and Midtown Manhattan law firms. Temporary and Full Time work.

Proofread legal documents for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, consistency, format, etc. as required.

I learned how to effectively document and communicate written legal information. The mid to late 1980s were a busy time for Mergers and Acquisitions. All forms of Securities and Exchange (SEC) documents and relevant corporate filings.

Legal proofreading taught me how to use my writing and documentation skills to prepare and present human rights reports, issue analyses, proposals, etc., as needed and/or requested by NGO and individual clients.





NYNEX, New Information Technologies. Boston metro area, Massachusetts. Contract worker, Proofreader.

The mid 1990s was just when the the Internet was new and sweeping the world online - PCs and laptops. We were responsible for designing and editing web advertising pages for businesses. I proofread ads and worked with graphic designers to meet customer expectations for their advertisements.

Giesecke + Devrient America, Dulles, VA. Inventory and Logistics Specialist. 2007 – 2008.

Giesecke+Devrient is a global company that offers security technologies, both in the physical and digital spheres.

  • Primary role: coordinate and implement parts and supplies inventory control procedures, including the management, organization and placement of incoming/existing parts and machines per management request.

  • Secondary role: Logistics Specialist support for all shipping and receiving, including freight shipments; coordinate and process all incoming and outgoing shipments on a daily basis, including daily UPS shipments. Documentation of all shipments and transactions.


MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. Semi Conductor manufacturer, headquarters based in Boise, Idaho.

Facilities Training Coordinator.  Micron Technology, Inc. Manassas, VA. 2006 – 2007.

  • Hired by Micron to create and develop comprehensive training program for MTV Facilities departments, including Construction, Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, EHSS (Environment, Health, Safety and Security), and Central Services. Design; produce training deliverables via TRAIN proprietary LMS (Learning Management System), in collaboration with Boise, Idaho corporate management to obtain approvals. 

  • Conduct needs assessments, then design, develop and deliver learning solutions per management approvals. Conduct qualitative and quantitative research re training effectiveness and standards. 

  • Instructional Designer with Subject Matter Experts to update, revise and create new F2F and Computer-Based Training and Computer-Based Assessments. Research and procure third-party vendor training per management requests.

  • Provide orientations to new employees re training profiles, requirements and management expectations. Meet with existing employees to provide assistance and support to complete training objectives, coach performance, re compliance with local, state, ISO and Federal audits.

  • Position ended with Micron layoffs in June 2007, due to plummeting global sales revenues in the semiconductor microchip industry.


HPM* Inventory Specialist. URS Corporation. Manassas, VA. 2005 – 2006. [at MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC.]

*Hazardous production material (HPM) is a term used within the semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing industry to refer to any material that has a degree-of-hazard rating of 3 or 4 (the highest ratings) according to the NFPA 704 standard.

HPMs may be rated as hazardous according to their flammability, instability, water reactivity, or health effects, and they refer to materials in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. Although the word “production” is used in the term, HPMs also refer to materials used as part of research and laboratory processes, not just production lines, as long as the end product of that work is the production of a non-hazardous material.

The central purposes of the HPM classification are to ensure the safe storage, communication, and handling of HPMs within a given work environment.

  • Responsibilities: (1) Manage, expedite and coordinate critical vendor accounts and deliverables in national and international marketplace within tight production deadlines using proprietary software, spreadsheets, and proposals/reports for documentation, and (2) Maintain, monitor and manage critical Life Safety Systems inventory, parts and materials, as well as performing routine safety inspections according to electronically generated work orders.

  • Analyzed the supply chain by conducting vendor research, initiated competitive bidding, and then proposed cost saving initiatives saving the client over $50,000 in six months. 

  • Created eLearning training for HPM inventory management procedures and developed essential parts’ tracking spreadsheets.

  • Expedited the completion of over 100 tool safety checks over a three-month period by working with the Production Managers to schedule HPM safety checks during tool shutdowns to ensure OSHA compliance.


B130 Maintenance Technician. URS Corporation. Manassas, VA. 2004 – 2005. [at MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC.]

  • Micron Technology Virginia. Provide customer service to the corporate campus, completion of work orders with regard to standard office equipment and building maintenance. Work order software utilized to track and monitor work performance for purposes of efficiency and to invoice client for services rendered.

  • Coordinate personnel and material logistics for Micron corporate team meetings and special events in cooperation with the Central Services Manager. Provide scheduling and logistical documentation to the client in advance to ensure customer satisfaction.

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